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Wildflower Bouquets

Bring the Simple Pleasures of Life to Your Wedding – Wildflower Bouquets
By Kathryn D'Imperio

Wildflowers have taken the stage recently as wedding flowers of choice for many couples. They offer a simple yet unique and elegant feel while adding just the littlest “relaxing” element to the wedding plans. A step back from formal bouquets, a bunch of wildflowers brings vivid colors to the celebration, accenting the bride’s gown and the bridal party’s attire.

The more natural look of a wildflower bouquet gives the wedding a comfortable feel while providing vibrant colors and a unique mix of flowers. Popular types of wildflowers may include poppies, cornflowers, Queen Anne’s lace, butterfly weed, tall ironweed, thimbleweed, Canada lily, Carolina spring beauty, New England Aster, everlasting pea, Indian blanket, tall bellflower, Turk’s cap lily, European Columbine and true forget-me-not, just to name a few.

Securing wildflowers for your wedding may not be as difficult as you would think. For a garden-style wildflower bouquet, grow a variety of wildflowers yourself, find a location where you can pick them together with someone special to you – mother, sister, even your groom, ask a friend or family member to take on the task of growing an assortment flowers or speak with your florist to get additional ideas.

Growing your own flowers would save a lot of money – many couples spend approximately $1,500 on wedding flowers alone! The chances of getting exactly the styles and shades you desire are within your reach, but you should have some knowledge of growing flowers before you embark upon such an important part of your wedding planning without the help of a trained professional in the field. Special precautions should be taken to prevent unexpected mishaps, so grow an abundance of flowers so you can pick only the best and most beautiful. Also, a back-up plan should be in store, so a local florist should be on call to jump into action if something should go wrong at the last minute.

Some very important considerations to keep in mind when choosing your wedding bouquet include the color scheme, style of the bouquet (loose-tied, cascade, etc.) and the shape and size of the bouquet. Once you determine those factors, selecting your bouquet will be much easier.

To aid you in your decision-making process, research all of your options prior to selecting your seeds and bulbs or visiting your florist or garden shop. View as many photos of other brides’ flowers as possible. Search the Internet and examine bridal magazines, books and catalogues to get a better idea of your likes and dislikes. If you have access to the flowers prior to your wedding date, attempt to arrange a sample bouquet and see firsthand whether you like the colors to blend together or to differ significantly. Take some time to mull over the possibilities and do not make a final decision until you know you are happy with it.

A wildflower bouquet would make an especially nice addition to a country wedding. Sprinkle wildflowers on the guests’ tables or press flowers and scatter them about to match the bouquet. Wildflower seeds are also popular in sachets to be given as gifts to the wedding guests, and a wreath of wildflowers adorning the bride’s hair is a fairly common sight as well.

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