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Wedding Speech

Wedding Speech Tips for a Good Wedding Speech
By Joanne Elliott

As your wedding day draws near, get prepared well in advance and plan your wedding speech. A cloud of nerves and potential foe-pas traditionally shrouds this part of the wedding. But donít worry; so long as you follow a few basic rules, it will not actually be as hard as you think ...

    * Donít over-think your wedding speech. It is actually easier than other forms of public speaking, as people will expect you to be nervous.

    * If you donít feel confident memorizing your speech, use small cards as prompts. Cards are better than paper because it is less obvious if your hands are shaking!

    * Try not to read from the cards. Look up around the company and try to involve the whole room through your body language.

    * Be brief rather than long-winded. Even the most interesting of speeches can sometimes seem to drag on and on. The last thing that youíll want to do is bore your wedding guests to death!

    * Try to keep the content of your speech neutral and upbeat, (i.e. avoid being lewd). This is particularly important if there are older, or very much younger, guests at your wedding.

    * Use an icebreaker as your first line to take the Ďpressureí off yourself and guarantee a laugh.

    * Make sure that you donít forget proper etiquette, and thank the right people for their help. (A huge cardinal sin is to give the credit to the incorrect person; a wedding buffet brawl may well ensue!)

    * And rememberÖ donít panic if the worst happens and you forget your words. Just speak from the heart. After all, you know how happy you feel!

Also, good wedding vows for you.

Joanne Elliott is an international freelance writer and illustrator involved in several different areas. Enquiries welcome:

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