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Wedding Colors

Wedding Colors
By Joanne Elliott

Never underestimate the importance of selecting the correct colours for your wedding day. In order to achieve a desired effect it is necessary to select ‘base colours’, and to build up the tonal palette from there. Don’t forget, everything should be coordinated; from the dresses to the flowers, the cake… the list goes on.

You may well already have an idea what your dream wedding colours will be like; they may hold a special meaning to you, or perhaps it will be based around your favourite colour. But aside from that, there are other aspects to consider.

Colours are symbolic of both seasons and emotions. The combination of your selected colours will create a certain mood or ambience to your wedding day. Follow our guide below to work out how you can utilize this idea to really make your wedding day a joyous occasion to remember.

Seasonal colour

Cool colours in hues of baby pink, rich cream, soft lilac, pale sky blue, mint green, and soft silver tones.

Balmy mid-purples, rich peaches, ice whites, baby yellows and pale blues.

Warming burgundies, claret red, copper, olive green, and dark pink.

Any frosty tone of cream or white; from ivory to pale coffee cream. Other wintery themed colors include silvery greys, and icicle blues.

Meaningful colour

Obviously, there are so many different colours and tones that it would take forever to list absolutely every meaning. Here are some examples of the more ‘traditional’ connotations of specific colours ...

Light Blue
Dark blue
- healing, happiness, patience.
- change.
- fertility, growth, money, envy.
- energy, stimulation.
- friendship, love.
- healing, meditation, spiritualism.
- courage, passion, health, protection, strength.
- attraction, intellect, study.
- protection, purification, peace.

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Joanne Elliott is an international freelance writer and illustrator involved in several different areas. Enquiries welcome:

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