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wedding photo

Wedding videos are possibly the most underrated part of the planning when it comes to organizing a wedding. It is easy to forget the importance of getting the wedding video right… let's not forget, this is a record of exactly what happened on your special day. Everything else that you have decided upon will be recorded permanently. This ranges from the dress to the colors to the flowers, the cake, and most importantly, the people there. Each and every person who is at your wedding will remember the day in their own way, yet never underestimate how important a really good wedding video is. A really great wedding video will help you, your partner and all of your guests remember what a truly wonderful occasion it was… in full color.

What are the options for wedding videos?

Wedding videos can come in many different shapes and forms. Different companies offer specific packages or special "angles". This allows you both the option to select the method you'd best like to remember your wedding by. Some wedding video companies specialize in capturing the day from start to finish. Some offer the option of a more relaxed approach where you and your guests are videoed in a more relaxed and natural way. Other wedding video businesses offer a more formal and photographic approach. Essentially, it is entirely up to the happy couple to select what they want to have as a recording of their special day. Remember, there are no rules and no "wrong answers".

What to look for in your wedding video photographer

When you are looking to decide and choose between different wedding video photographers there are certainly very simple ways of making sure you will be getting exactly what you want. First of all consider the type and form of technology that they are using. Ask yourselves the following questions…

- Is it a good enough camera?

What type of technology is the wedding video photographer using? Is it up to date and will it show your day in the best possible way?

- Will the quality of the pictures be as great as we would wish then to be?

This question refers to both the technology employed and the relative skills of the individual photographer. Have you checked their curriculum vitae and references? Have you seen examples?

- Is the wedding video compatible to our own technology at home?

There would be absolutely no point in commissioning a wedding video that only plays on DVD if you don’t have a DVD player, for example. Also spare a thought for the other people that will be involved in your special day - both on the day, and after the event. Think about things like the people who are attending and people who aren't. Does the mother of the bride have the technology to watch her daughter walk down the aisle time, and time, again?

- How much does it cost?

Wedding videos cost different amounts, and it very much depends upon things like the location, duration, time of year, and the individual photographer. It is usual for individual companies to do a personalized quotation and to set a specific plan of action with each and every couple so that they can get the best from their wedding day.

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Wedding videos article written by Joanne Elliott.

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