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Wedding Reception

By Joanne Elliott

site photo Wedding receptions generally happen immediately after wedding ceremonies and are basically parties that are held for the bride and groom's wedding guests. The wedding guests traditionally attend the wedding reception to help the newly married couple celebrate their union, and to toast their future health and happiness as they move forward through life together. The wedding reception is a very individual event, and differs greatly from marriage to marriage. The main thing to consider when planning a wedding reception is what sort of event would be best for both the married couple and their respective friends and family.

The wedding reception is essentially just like the planning of a really big party. When you are considering the sort of reception that you would like to have on your wedding day then your first thoughts should be around something that you would like to do, and something that you would like to invite your friends and family to. Planning a wedding reception in this way will help to ensure that you, your new spouse, and your friends and family will have the best possible time. So if you hate party planning then it may be a good idea to employ an outside party to arrange your wedding reception for you. There are many different areas and aspects to consider, and it is a very time consuming business to pull a really great wedding reception together.

Wedding Reception Ideas - The best money saving ideas.

Wedding Reception Venue

The wedding reception venue is perhaps the most important element to consider. The wedding reception venue will help you both to set the desired mood and tone of the entire event. Of course it will depend upon the time of day in which you get married, but evening receptions are commonly more popular than afternoon wedding receptions. The venue can cost as much or as little as you would like. You could hire a ballroom, a restaurant, a bar, a barn, or even hold your wedding reception in your own home.

Wedding Reception Theme

The wedding reception theme is generally in keeping with the overall theme of your actual wedding. For example, if you are having a spring themed wedding this is usually carried through to your wedding reception. This can be achieved relatively easily, for example using the same colors as your wedding color palette in the decorations, tables, chairs, flowers, balloons, streamers and wedding favors, amongst many others.

Wedding Reception Music

Wedding receptions very often encompass music, whether it's background music during a meal, or a specific dance or disco party. The same rules apply to the music at your wedding reception as to a party that you would plan to throw for your friends and family. It is best to consider the sort of music that you like, and that they like. Upbeat, positive, and "happy" music in general is the way forwards for any successful wedding reception.

Wedding Reception Guests

Wedding reception guest lists can be as long or as short as you wish them to be. Obviously it goes without saying that the people you invite to witness your marriage should be invited as a matter of etiquette. But over and above that the wedding reception is a great way of inviting other people who may not be as relatively close to you to join in with the marital celebrations.

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