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Popular Flowers

By Joanne Elliott

flower photo
Popular wedding flower choices include decisions about the bouquet, the flowers in the ceremony and also aspects such as table centerpieces and wedding reception decorations.

If you are wondering what sort of flowers to choose for your wedding day, why not use the time of year as a starting point? Choosing your flowers by season not only gives you a theme for your special day, but it also ensures that your chosen blooms will be at their very best. Even more importantly they will be easy to locate and less expensive than at other times of the year.


Spring wedding flowers are light and fresh and clean. Great examples include the following:

Alliums, Anenomes, Bluebells, Roses, Columbines, Cow Parsley, Eucaluyptus, Freesia, Hyacinths, Iris, Ivy, Snowdrops, Snowflakes, Sweet Peas, Tulips and Violets.


Summer flowers tend to be warmer and deeper in color. In the summer time the following types of flowers are in season:

Amaryllis, Anemone, Camellias, Catkins, Orchid, Dogwoods, Eucalyptus, Fruiting Ivy, Heather, Pussy Willow, Rosehips, Rosemary and Twisted Willow.


Autumnal flowers are often grouped together in a variety of shapes and sizes, just like the plants that we see growing and changing around at this time of year. In the autumn you will find the following flowers in season:

Amaranthus, Arum Lily, Astrantia, Cleomes, Cosmos, Dahlia, Orchid, Gladioli, Helenium, Narcissus and Snap Dragon.


Winter flowers are cool and sharp. Think festive decorations and you're along the right lines. Suggestions for winter flowers that are in season include:

Camellias, Catkins, Cosmos, Eucalyptus, Ivy, Heather, Hellebores, Paperwhite Narcissi, Pussy Willow, and Rosemary.

Wedding flowers are a symbol of grace and elegance at weddings. Here's a list of the most popular flowers overall:

Calla Lily
Lily of the Valley

Wedding Flowers Pictures

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