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Wedding Photos

couple photo

The bride and groom's photo album is the best way to preserve your special day. Therefore, hiring a photographer is one of the most important task in planning your wedding. Make sure you hire a photographer who specializes in wedding. He should be familiar with your ceremony and reception sites. See, if the photographer captured the excitement and emotion of the bridal couple and also remember that the wedding album should unfold like a story - a story of your wedding. There are wide variety of wedding albums. They differ in size, color, material and price. Find the one that you like and feel proud to show it to you friends and family.
Here are the list of suggested poses to choose during your wedding:

Wedding rings and invitation
Bride getting dressed for the ceremony
Bride looking at her bridal bouquet
Maid of honor putting garter on bride's leg
Groom and best man before ceremony
Groom with his parents
Groom and his entire family
Groom with ushers
Groom with bride's father
Bride with her entire family
Bride with parents
Bride and her father before walking down the aisle
Bride with the bridesmaid
Bride with the flower girl and /or ring bearer

Bride and groom saying their vows
Bride and groom exchanging rings
Bride and groom signing the marriage certificates
Groom kissing the bride at the altar
Newlyweds with both of their family
Newlyweds with the entire wedding party
Receiving Line

Grand entrance of newlyweds and their wedding party in the reception site
Cake table
First dance
Cake cutting ceremony
Bouquet-tossing ceremony
Garter-tossing ceremony
Newlyweds leaving the reception for their honeymoon
Candid shots of your guest

To save money consider hiring a professional photographer for the formal shots of your ceremony only. You can place disposable cameras on the top of each table in the reception and let your guest take the shots. This can save you a considerable amount of money. To really economize look for a photographer who charges a flat rate to shoot the wedding and will allow you to purchase the film.

Wedding Hair

Party Ideas

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