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Wedding Cake

By Joanne Elliott

So you're planning your wedding? Of course you've thought of the dress, the colors, the flowers, the invitations… And now it's time to think about the wedding cake. So where do you start?

Wedding cake traditions

Wedding cakes are a predominantly Western tradition in marriage ceremonies. It is the tradition that a newly married couple stand together, hand on hand, and cut the cake together. This is because cutting the cake is a symbol of unity and togetherness. Cutting the wedding cake together is also another essential marker of the couple's commitment to one another on their special day. This is basically the reason why wedding cakes are still so popular in modern culture.

So… what sort of cake should we go for?

Wedding cakes come in a huge variety of different sizes, shapes and colors. It is entirely up to the couple which flavor they choose to decide upon for their special day. Most popular flavors include fruit cake, chocolate cake, sponge cake and even cream cakes. There are no hard and fast rules and it is entirely the couples' decision which they would like to select.

What color should we go for?

The color of the wedding cake should usually tie in with the chosen wedding colors in general. For example, you could link in the color of the brides dress, the grooms ties, the flowers, the wedding favors etc. You should speak to your chosen wedding cake provider for more in depth and more specific advice.

What size should I go for?

Usually they are very large as there must be enough of the wedding cake to give to all of your guests. It has become fashionable over the years for the cakes to be multi leveled or tiered. A multileveled, or tiered cake simple means that there are several different sections to the same cake piles up in layers - usually in decreasing size as the tower grows higher. This not only makes the entire cake balance but also helps to make it aesthetically pleasing to your valued wedding guest.

Who should I hire?

There are many different companies that cater to the special couples' needs. The range of products on offer can differ dramatically in areas such as aesthetics, recipe, taste, number of tiers, icing color etc etc.

It is usual for companies to have one to one meetings with the intended couple and to work together as a team to decide upon the perfect cake for the perfect wedding day. This can be established through a numerous amount of methods. Depending upon the company they may take their pick from taste testing to looking at photographic samples, color swatch matching and other inspirational ideas. Remember that they have been through the process many times before.

Delivery service

Often your chosen wedding cake provider will offer to deliver your wedding cake to your chosen venue free of charge. This will not only help to ease the various pressures of planning and organizing your special day, it will also give you peace of mind. Having your wedding cake delivered removes any worries reference picking it up and potential problems with transportation. Remember, there are very valuable and costly goods at the end of the day.

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